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Initiative for Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam

Program 844: Cooperating with institutes, schools and large enterprises to develop a national innovative startup support center

The Program "Support Innovative Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam until 2025" (Program 844) in 2021 seeks for partners who wish to accompany the development of the Startup Support Center newly created (innovation hubs) under the model of a centralized service zone with the participation of the government, institutions and large corporations/enterprises.


The Government directs organs to consider and decide to apply a part or mechanism or policy to other new creative centers and creative startup centers. This thing set up the request about the basicsisteration system, the boot-centric type systems are involved to benefit from the preferred features.


The interconnection of the system of Start-up and Innovation Support Centers


In recent years, innovation start-ups have received the attention of authorities at all levels. Many creative startups support institutions have been formed and put into operation, such as the aforementioned National Innovation Center (under the Ministry of Planning and Investment), and Center for Youth Entrepreneurship (under the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union), the startup student support center located in a number of major universities (under the Ministry of Education and Training), or start-up support centers are was formed in localities such as Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Hai Phong, Quang Nam, ... through the implementation of the Program "Support Innovative Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam until 2025" (Program 844) . These centers are contributing to establishing a dynamic ecosystem and attracting many domestic and international resources for startups.


However, from reality shows, most of these centers do not have a sustainable operating model, nor do they have a close connection to form a unified support network to facilitate good access. most for innovative startups nationwide. To improve this problem, it is essential to connect activities, regular exchanges between centers to share resources, approach thinking and effective ways to step by step standardize and position their roles. for the national innovation startup community.


Currently, the online connection technologies, regardless of geographical distance, have developed and can completely meet the demand for frequent connections between units. It is essential to have the role of a national unit to coordinate and support innovation resources for these hubs, especially for the formation of close links between home centers. countries with education and training institutions and large corporations / enterprises to maximize the advantages of resources from facilities, human resources, finance ... available to support startups.


In that context, in Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2019, the Government assigned the Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T) to develop innovative startup support centers across the country, at first sight at Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City and forming the National Startup Network. Implementing this task, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established the National Center for Creative Startups (NSSC) with the goal of forming and developing a network of supporting organizations capable of meeting the needs of the startup community, innovating in the country and enhancing international integration.


The NSSC Center plays a nuclear role, is a standing organization, operates the National Network of Innovative Entrepreneurship, coordinates available resources and attracts new for life building and development activities. Thai. At that time, the system of centers with the supporting and coordinating role of the NSSC will determine its role and position in the ecosystem, thereby maximizing advantages and specific resources. At the same time, each locality, each field, at the same time sharing and coordinating with each other to form a unified network to support the creative startup ecosystem as directed by the Government in Resolution No. 01 and 02/2019 / NQ-CP.

Photo: The National Startup Support Center (NSSC) has established first headquarters in Hanoi on the campus of the National Economics University.


Universities - the root of the startup ecosystem of cities

The university has long been known as the cradle of innovative start-up ecosystems in cities, in the same way the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) helped shape the ecosystem at Cambridge and Stanford University. ecosystem formation in the city of Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley. Identifying that important role, Program 844 has so far supported more than 20 universities and colleges in many provinces across the country to implement start-up support programs, thereby taking advantage of resources available in terms of the facilities and human resources in these facilities.

Mr. Pham Dung Nam - Director of NSSC Center said: “The operation of the NSSC Center system with the foundation from Program 844 when coordinating with higher education institutions, vocational education will help to orient the tissue. activity animation, training for local operators and supporting network expansion with organizations, experts, investors and partners in the domestic innovation ecosystem, and international. These works will contribute to the development of the ecosystem in the school and at the locality, aiming to enhance the position of the unit when connecting to the National Network of Entrepreneurship Networking. Not only activities for creative projects and startups, but also training for mentors / coaches, training and capacity building for individuals / construction staff. Creation of a creative startup ecosystem or organizations / businesses that provide the necessary services for innovative startups are also deployed synchronously at the facilities.


Make use of high-quality human resources, markets and financial resources in large corporations

From another perspective, businesses and corporations are a favorable place to produce successful innovative start-ups based on high quality financial, market and human resources. Currently, to really have a breakthrough in innovation, many businesses and corporations are also focusing on investing in facilities to support new ideas. Typically, the system of 17 Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) of the Korean Government has closely linked with corporations such as Lotte, LG, Samsung, ... to promote activities to support startups. industry according to specialized fields in each locality.


From here, the innovative startup services that NSSC supports for centers in the partner network will focus on training, incubation, business promotion, communication, as well as public services for faculty. Science and technology include: registration, protection, exploitation of intellectual property rights, standards, metrology, quality,... and information resources, scientific and public organizations and human resources.


Photo: Center for Creative Economy and Innovation - The Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) in Busan are closely linked with Lotte and focus on supporting IoT-based startups.


Gather voices to propose mechanisms and policies for startups


In addition, through these collaborative activities, universities, vocational schools, corporations, large enterprises that are implementing innovation activities and supporting startups can gather voices to speak out. issue difficulties and problems in mechanisms and policies, contributing to perfecting the legal corridor for the national innovation startup ecosystem.


Recently, through Program 844, a number of important policies for creative start-ups have been consulted to the promulgating agencies such as the 2017 Small and Medium Enterprise Support Law and the decrees guiding the work. Support for small and medium-sized innovative start-ups, Decree 76/2018 / ND-CP with content guiding group enterprises to invest in creative startups, the revised Investment Law and related decrees support foreign investors and investment incentive fields, or draft a decree on a controlled testing mechanism (sandbox) for financial technology activities (FinTech). It can be said that the participation in the NSSC Center system will help promote and link the results and resources gained from the support of policy mechanisms and innovative startup potential of cities. , universities and large enterprises across the country.


To join the National Innovation Start-up Support Center (NSSC), localities, businesses, large corporations and institutions of higher education and career education can join the The case of "Connecting and developing partners to promote resources to support the creative startup ecosystem" in the framework of the tasks under Program 844 was recently announced on the website of Program 844, Ministry of Science and Technology:




Regarding the program Support Innovative Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam until 2025" (program 844)


Program 844 signed a decision issued by the Prime Minister on May 18, 2016 assigned the Ministry of Science and Technology to lead the implementation. The Program aims to create a favorable environment to promote and support the formation and development of a fast-growing enterprise based on the exploitation of intellectual property, technology, and business model. new; urgently perfect the legal system to support innovative startups and establish the National Innovation Startup Portal.


After more than 4 years of implementation, the Program has accompanied more than 100 organizations to support creative innovation and develop the implementation plan of the Program in 53 provinces / cities nationwide, supporting nearly 2000 projects, 500 businesses. start-ups, of which 52 have called for an investment of about 900 billion dong.


From August 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Program 844 announced the receipt of registration documents for implementing tasks in 2021 through September 7, 2020. The missions focus on enhancing the founders of creative startups, enhancing the competitiveness of the ecosystem, as well as fostering communication and connecting with global startup networks (See also Mission Category). The units submitting the dossier include explanations, cost estimates and accompanying documents and papers to the address of the Office of National Science and Technology Programs (Room 1116, Headquarter of the Ministry of Science and Technology, No. 113 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi).




Creating a favorable environment for the creation and growth of startups

Creating a favorable environment for the creation and growth of startups

Establishing and improving the legal framework for supporting startups

Establishing and improving the legal framework for supporting startups

Creation of National Startup Portal

Creation of National Startup Portal

Support 2000 startup projects with total value of 2000 billion VND

Support 2000 startup projects with total value of 2000 billion VND