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Pety Technology Founder Thuy Tran: "NSSC gave us a place to work which was no less than the million dollar view in the legend"

Photo: Ms. Thuy Tran with her mentors and other teams at Startup Wheel Semi-finals (Source: Tran Thuy)

Representative the interview: 

Ms. Tran Thuy - Founder of Pety Technology JSC


  1. How do you introduce your startup to people? What is the most special in your startup? What is the value of your mission?


Pety is an application with the goal of bringing a new experience and a new lifestyle to pet lovers by connecting the Pet care ecosystem with a lot of features only for pet owners such as: Pet social network, Search clinics, Book products and services, Find lost cats and dogs and adopt abandoned pets.


At Pety, pets are respected, admitted to use the best products and services and thereby convey the love for animals to the community.


As a pet owner who considers them a member of the family, I have encountered problems in pet care including losing pets, finding reputable clinics, using non-genuine products and poor quality service. This leads to a lot of harm to my pets.


I have had my pet stolen before, so I understand that finding a lost pet is really hopeless. It is really heartbreaking that the problem of theft, abandonment, and dog and cat meat eating are still very serious in Vietnam with about 6 million dogs and cats being slaughtered every year. A rare country in the world that still eats dog and cat meat. This is really a big pain in the hearts of pet lovers. I, as well as other pet owners, want cats and dogs to be protected, fed and healthy.

Photo: Ms. Tran Thuy, Pety Technology JSC Founder


That is the biggest motivation for me to create and develop Pety.


2. What were the difficulties and advantages when starting a business? What story do you most want to tell people to inform them about the mission your startup is aiming for?


I got the idea about Pety about 3 years ago, but officially started working on it in the beginning of 2020. The reason why I didn't take action right from when I got the idea is simply that I have a very good job as a manager at a multinational corporation. It enables me to have a comfortable personal life, a 5-day work week, travelling on weekends, or doing personal hobbies such as reading, playing the piano, watching movies.


It was that comfort that made me hesitate to jump into a startup job which requires me to work like “there is no tomorrow.” The very moment that I decided to quit my current job and start working on Pety, I think I was quite brave. At that time, the Covid epidemic had just started, everyone seemed confused and worried about the pandemic. Some people advised me to "slow down to see what happens" but I think I have thought hard enough. If not now, then when? And that's how it started.


To summarize the problem, the most difficult thing for me right now is still to overcome the stability. If I keep hesitating, I will never know things that I don’t know, never be able to do it. "Without START, there is no UP".


Right now, I always keep in mind and remind my team: It has only just begun. We set that mindset to continue trying, because we know for sure there are many problems ahead. Finishing 1 application does not mean the work is not done. There are many problems that we want to solve and change. Only when pet owners don't accidentally buy fake goods, use bad services, no one eats, beats, and tortures cats and dogs can Pety really feel rest assured.


3. When starting a business, who did you get help from? Who holds the important, meaningful position like your “angel”? Why did you choose them and why do you think they chose you?


As shared, Pety started right at the start of Covid-19. While I was struggling to find a suitable office for the team, NSSC gave us a place to work which was very ideal, no less than "the million dollar view in the legend".


And now, after almost 1 year, we still work closely with NSSC. In addition to the working place, they also invite experts, organize seminars so that we have the opportunity to approach, learn from seniors in the startup ecosystem throughout the country and even have the opportunity to interact with Korean partners.


Startups like us lack capital, of course, but we also lack networks. In my opinion, networks are even more valuable than money, because when you have no capital and no experience, it is the people in the network who will support you.


NSSC helps us to approach Project 844, and receive the recent FPT Play package. That's something we really appreciate.


4. How did you meet your companions? What's your journey since the establishment until now? The role and influence of companions on your mindset, the process of forming and developing your business? What is the most valuable thing you get from your companions? Any memories between you/your business and your companions?

If you could call them by any name, what would you call them?


My current co-founder is Mr. Dao Ngoc Giang who used to be a university lecturer. In fact, he is also the teacher who taught me the very first lines of code. With the heart of a technology educator, he has a desire for Vietnam technology products to be known and used in the region and the world. This is also what I want and think about a lot. When I had the idea to make Pety, and realized its potential and appeal, he did not hesitate to give up his job to join me in making this product.



Creating a favorable environment for the creation and growth of startups

Creating a favorable environment for the creation and growth of startups

Establishing and improving the legal framework for supporting startups

Establishing and improving the legal framework for supporting startups

Creation of National Startup Portal

Creation of National Startup Portal

Support 2000 startup projects with total value of 2000 billion VND

Support 2000 startup projects with total value of 2000 billion VND